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Inspiring Learning

The Institute for Advancing Prosperity regularly runs workshops targetted at students at High Schools and Universities with the aim of improving their interdisciplinary capabilities. The topics of our workshops range from introductions to various disruptive technologies to public engagement and communication skills.


Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp: Learn Python! Ages 14+

This workshop will teach students to use python to automate their computers. Using loops, logic and creativity they will be able to manipulate data and learn the basics of Artificial intelligence. This workshop will also explain the key economic implications of machine learning and how this will be a cornerstone technology for the future.

Arduino and automation

Learning Arduino: A beginner’s guide to automation. All Ages

This workshop will teach students the basics of using Arduino for prototyping, basic electronics and programming. Students will comfortably automate processes using motors, lights and sensors. Students will learn the economic implications of the 4th industrial revolution and why it is essential to build a foundational understanding of technology.

3d Printing

Design for 3D printing: Additive manufacturing. Ages 10+

This workshop consists of tools for 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Students will learn to design products that will be manufactured using rapid prototyping. Different 3D printing technologies will be explored. Students will learn how 3D printing is changing manufacturing by decreasing the level of human involvement in menial tasks and why 3D design is essential for the future of Canada.


Effective Entrepreneurship: How to shine in the 4th industrial revolution

Students will learn the basics of entrepreneurship from Canadian tech leaders. Entrepreneurs will share their stories and will teach skills like Marketing, Financials and Sales. Entrepreneurs build the economy from the ground up and we need to focus our attention on training leaders, not workers. Everyone will be able to take away an important lesson on how they can increase their effectivity in the workplace.


This workshops provides participants with an understanding of how to effectively communicate their research for various audiences. Students will learn the differences between business, policy, and public communication. The learning goals are to provide students with an understanding of different formats, such as op-ed writing, policy proposals, and business pitches, as well as the different audiences for whom they should cater their narratives.


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